Why do we consume milk?

Many mothers are starting to wean their babies even before they are one year old just to start giving them cow milk. And most people drink cow milk entire life. Why is the mother’s milk so bad that it needs to be taken from the baby and cow milk so good and given right after the weaning is the question I will try to answer in this article.


A cow closed in a room.

Mothers Milk is Elixir of Life

Mothers milk is a real elixir of life. A liquid that gives a baby everything it needs. Every mammal on the planet earth at first moments of their life have drink mothers milk. From little puppies to the human infants, we all drink milk. But the only species that continues to drink milk after it is done with mothers milk are humans. Only homo sapiens are drinking other species milk regularly. I use word regularly because in nature we can see some species trying to steal milk from other species directly by sucking it from the tits. But this happens probably because there is lack of food and when animals and even humans are hungry they will eat anything.

So if you have a baby try to breastfeed it as long as the child wants. Let it naturally wean, and it will probably happen when the baby is 2 or 3 years old. By breastfeeding the baby longer, you are both getting all kinds of benefits. Your baby grows mentally and emotionally, and you as well will have same advantages. The connection between the mother and her child is something special and while breastfeeding this relationship deepens to the deepest cores.

Cow Milk is Poison

I have already written about this back in 2016, and nothing much has changed since then. Cow milk is just not meant for us to drink. We are not cows, and a cow is not our mother. And these are not only problems with the cow milk. Cow milk is produced in a nasty environment. Most cows that produce milk don’t even see a daily light; they are closed in the chamber in some dark building. They eat nasty food and many times medicine is included in that food to make the cow healthy, and medicine is really required because in that kind of environment you can’t stay healthy on a natural way. Cows need help from antibiotics, vaccines, food need to be fortified with all kind of vitamins and supplements. So the question is, what kind of milk a cow in this circumstances produce?

You don’t need to be a scientist to know that a cow closed in a dark building that never gets out and never eat real food cant produce a healthy milk.


A cow raised for milk.

So let’s get back to the initial question: Why do we consume milk?

The only answer that I can think about now is that somewhere in our past humans have explored milk and that this milk can make our hunger go away. So the first milk exploitation started. But as soon as we get a different type of food we no longer need milk. And in today’s modern world we have the ability to choose what we put in our mouth, or maybe we don’t?

We only think that we have the ability to choose, but someone else has chosen for us. Advertisement, media, the society said that milk is needed and we need to consume it. Despite all the red alert information about how bad is a cow milk we still believe what is a thing that is crucial for our lives.

And fat fingers in society manipulation has the dairy industry, and you can not shut down the dairy industry, money will be lost. But some other manufacturers have seen that there is a change going on and start to produce natural plant milk, from almonds, soy, oat and other plants. But my question is the same, why? Why do we need to have this white liquid in our glass? It is not required, so the industry and advertising companies should stop selling us something that we don’t need just that they make money. I don’t need milk! I don’t need cows milk nor plant milk. If I want white liquid in my glass, I will drop few peanuts in my smoothie maker and add some water and blend it, and an outcome is a white liquid which we can call milk if we need to.

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