What is Bee Pollen

What is Bee Pollen?
What is Bee Pollen 1Pollen is the most important food for bees. It is a protein source for the hive. Bees collect pollen when visiting the flowers. After they return to the hive, they deposit the pollen inside the chambers. In the process of depositing pollen, bees add nectar, enzymes, and bacterias to the pollen. Pollen is necessary for the beehives at spring. Then bees start to develop and are at the huge need of proteins for their new babies.

This superfood is fascinating for vegans or vegetarians. The reason for that is because bee pollen contains 40% protein, half of that proteins are in the form of free amino acids, and that means that the human body can directly absorb proteins. Bee pollen has more proteins than any animal source. One of the facts that are most interesting for bee pollen is that the scientist cannot synthesize it. They have created a synthesized bee pollen with all known elements, but yet if the bees consume synthesized bee pollen, bee dies. That is fascinating and only proves that human science still doesn’t recognize all the elements that bee produce. It has like bees added something mysterious to the pollen. Maybe that is the reason bee pollen is so healthy for humans. Maybe that is why supposedly bee pollen heals so many illnesses. I am saying supposedly because science did not prove anything yet. There are no shows that bee pollen cures some diseases. Bee pollen is used as an energy booster. Some people use bee pollen for weight loss, and many others claim that bee pollen is good against osteoporosis.

How to use Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is best consumed with something that will help absorb it better. Bee pollen is very hard to digest and if you just eat it will go trough you. So you need to eat it with something that will help you absorb it. Something like milk, lactose or some fruit like lemons, oranges or you can use water kefir grains to make a bee pollen kefir. I love bee pollen kefir because this way I can get a real elixir of life. This tasty juice is so good, and you get so much good stuff that your body will feel it. For vegans, this can be a natural way to get B12. Bee pollen contains many B-complex vitamins and as well B12 vitamin, cyanocobalamin biotin.

What is Bee Pollen 2

Not only that bee pollen is good for the human body, but bee pollen is also critical for pollinating flowers. Bees pollinate almost all plants, and that is why it is necessary for planet earth that bees do not extinct. Some scientist says if bees die we will die in a couple of years too. Also, our only hope for bees to be alive is beekeepers. I know many beekeepers are not caring for bees; they only care about honey, but trust me some beekeepers care about bees.

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