Types of Honey Part 1

Bee on Fllower

Credit: Mike Phobos

Lots of honey types
There are so many flowers out there and that makes many types of honey. But not all flowers will give nectar. Many flowers don’t even give nectar.

Here is a list of the most popular types of honey in the world:

1. Alfalfa – cool name for a honey. It is a flowering plant used as a forage crop in many countries all over the world. Honey from Alfalfa is extremely light, and it has beautiful liquid.

2. Acacia – is a tree that is growing all over the world. Acacia honey is very popular because it is extremely light and rarely gets crystallized. It is best in recipes where you need to mix honey. Mixing Acacia honey is easy since it is very liquid.

3. Aster Honey – made from Asteraceae flowering family. There are more than 23 000 different flower types in this family. These flowers are all around the world. Aster honey color is light, but it is crystallizing pretty fast.

4. Apple Blossom – made from an apple tree. Apple trees are available to bees all over the world. Honey has apple flavor.

5. Avocado – dark honey made from popular fruit Avocado. Avocado is growing only in tropical and Mediterranean climates.

6. Basswood – honey made from Tilia tree that grows all over the world. It is a lime tree. Honey is white light and is a bit spicy.

7. Blueberry – honey made from the flowers of blueberry bushes. It is very flavored honey.

8. Beechwood – made from trees that grow in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is a big tree and give much honey.

9. Black Locust – also known as false acacia, it is a tree that grow all over the world and honey is just like the one from Acacia.

10. Blackberry – is an edible fruit and honey from blackberry is very sweet and have a light color.

Bee Swarm

Credit: Bksimonb

11. Buckwheat – a plant that is used as food all over the world. It is a very healthy food and people all over the world love it. Also, honey from buckwheat flowers is amazing.

12. Clover – this little flowers give a lot of nectar. That why this honey is very popular in USA. It has different colors, white, red and yellow. Also, so is the honey color different from white to light amber.

13. Canola – made from flowers of oil giving plants. Honey crystals fast and when bees collect canola nectar they are very aggressive.

14. Chestnut – it is a big tree that produces very delicious fruit. Honey is very sweet and with very strong flavors. Honey color is very dark. Many people do not like this honey, but it is very healthy honey.

15. Cranberry – is produced for juice, jams and it is a superfood. It has rich nutritional content. So honey from this plant is very healthy as well.

16. Dandelion – Is very popular flower of the Asteraceae family. This herb is common in Europe and Asia. It produces a type of Aster Honey.

17. Eucalyptus – very rare honey since this tree is not growing all over the world because it does not like freezing. Honey color is very different because there are many types of eucalyptus

18. Fireweed – very attractive plant in north hemisphere and bees like to collect nectar from this plant.

19. Gallberry – widespread plant in subtropical places. Honey from this plant is very dark.

20. Goldenrod – it is a very wild spread plant all over the world. It gives a good amount of nectar and bees love it. This flower is also a part of the Asteraceae family.

This is our first 20 honey types. There are many more types of honey, and we will write about them later.


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