The Game Changers Vegan Documentary Finally Out

After years of waiting now, everyone can watch The Game Changers documentary, a documentary that will change the world. However, I am not sure that the message is strong enough. The hype about this documentary was going for over a year, and now, finally, when it is out, not enough people have seen it. That’s the main reason for me reviewing this documentary. To promote this documentary and to spread the word to the people, especially meat-eaters, to watch it. I know many people who don’t care about food and eat what they want, and that is their right to do will just not care.
Average Joe does not care about his health, fitness, power, long life, fatigue, and blood culture. If all people would care about health, drugs, alcohol, and other substances that hurt us will not exist. Sadly they do exist, and I dare to say that the majority use them daily.

About The Game Changers

As you probably already know, James Cameron, the father of Avatar, produced this fantastic documentary together with many famous producers like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. Also, many outstanding athletes who eat plant-based food are represented in the documentary. But do you remember our comparison where we used Arnold Schwarzenegger as a meat-eating bodybuilder and Jim Morris?

Well, today, we can say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is at least eating less meat than before. That’s what we already covered back in May 2018 when there were some signs that the biggest meat-eater will turn vegan. Remember Escape Plan movie when Arnold Schwarzenegger told Sylvester Stallone that he hits like a vegetarian?

MMA Vegans

James Wilks MMA

James Wilks Vegan

Today one of the most fitness demanding sports, MMA, is full of vegans. Nate Diaz, James Wilks, Mac Danzig, and many others are switching to a vegan diet because it works. It gives them a significant edge. Conor McGregor, after a losing fight against Nate Diaz, told the press that he eats too many steaks.

James Wilks, a main character in The Game Changers movie, is investigating how a plant-based diet can improve fitness, recovery, and endurance in elite athletes. He and his whole family is now eating plant-based food.

As you expect in the movie, you will find a lot of evidence, more or less scientific, that promotes plant-based diets and veganism. But the most significant thing about this movie is elite athletes who are living proof that they are thriving thanks to the plant-based diet. Many of the athletes just switched to a plant-based diet, but many of them never eat meat in their whole life.

To me personally, the most significant impact was not Arnold Schwarzenegger nor the world’s strongest man Patrick Baboumian. To me, the biggest story about how a plant-based diet changes people’s lives was the story about Dotsie Bausch. We already covered Dotsie Bausch in the vegan celebrities section, but in the movie, you can see some moving parts and what she actually did when she got the Olympic silver medal.

Movie That Forces and Promotes Veganism on People

The movie promotes a plant-based diet and provides facts and stories about it. However, nobody forces you to eat plant-based food. The documentary just follows athletes who did it on a plant-based diet. Science, doctors, and researchers are all promoting a plant-based diet in the video. Of course, they didn’t appoint doctors that promote meat. Yes, some doctors encourage eating meat. However, this documentary is about athletes who are thriving on a plant-based diet. If you want to make a documentary about meat-eaters and their athleticism, then do so. I am sure in that documentary you won’t see slaughterhouses nor animal farms.


The Game Changers movie is a must-watch documentary for everyone, especially for the athletes, maybe switching your diet will give you the lift that you need. Also, I would also recommend this documentary to all other people who work with food or nutrition. And in the end, I would like to rant about one site that bashed the documentary and veganism. It is good to question everything, and I agree with them about that. I did read their article about it, and I suggest you do it too. Here is the link. Now, if I must, I can agree with them, and I know that research and studies are many times poorly done. I know industry either meat or plant-based funds studies, and they can not be objective if we look at them from that perspective. But it is evident that the author of the article obviously has some personal problems with veganism, vegans, and a plant-based diet. The documentary is about athletes on a plant-based diet backed with some science, period. There is no need for a personal agenda. People should choose on their own what they will eat.


The Game Changers Wallpaper

What hurts me most is the statistics and mathematics that are poorly done in the Men’sHealth article, which should be taken down, and they should apologize to people for their math. The author of the article says that colorectal cancer is not increased by 17% by consuming 50 grams of meat protein daily. In fact, in a lifetime, a person has a risk of 5% developing colorectal cancer. By eating meat, the actual risk grows by 1 percent, to a total of 6%. I don’t know how he got that math together, but what bothers me most is the comment below that math.

Sure, any increase in a risk of cancer isn’t good. But it’s not as bad as disinformation efforts can make it seem.

Paul Kita

Sorry, but I want my cancer risk to be zero. Men’sHealth should talk about that 1% to the people who have cancer. Every year only in the U.S., over 50 000 people die of colorectal cancer. Let me try to do the math as they did and see how much is 1% here. That’s 50 saved people every year only in the U.S.A.

The Men’sHealth author will probably say it is not as bad as it is, 50 people of 327 million in the U.S.A. Only 50 people, that’s not a problem.

Sure it is no problem if you are selfish and as long as you are not one of those people. Two of my best friends died of colorectal cancer, and one of them got lucky and survived. If I can say by my statistics, this looks like a lot higher than 1%, or my friends are just the unlucky ones. It is really a shame that one newspaper with Health in its title can write like this!!!

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