Popular Vegan Celebrity – Tobey Maguier

Tobjey Maguier Spiderman

Picture Credit: Kevin Tostado

Tobias Vincent Maguire, better known as Tobey Maguire, was born to very young parents in 1975. He is an American actor and film producer best known for the role of Peter Parker in the Spiderman movies. He is also known for his roles in the comedy-drama ?Pleasantville? and the comedy ?Wonderboys?, and also popularly known to lead a vegan lifestyle.

The Early Life of Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire was born in Santa Monica, California in 1975 to Vincent Maguire, who was then 20 years old, and Wendy Maguire, who was 18. His parents were unmarried at the time, and though they later got married, they divorced when Tobey was just two years old. Growing up, Tobey spent his childhood living in different places, changing between his parents and other relatives.

His dream was to become a chef, but this would change after his mother offered him $100 if he would choose to take Drama lessons in school instead of Home-economics. He will later drop out of high-school to pursue a career in acting.

Success and Popularity in Hollywood

In 1989, Tobey first appeared in the movie ?The Wizard?, and then continued to work as a child actor through the 1990s. He played many roles and featured in many dramas and series until 2002 when he became Peter Parker in the Spiderman movie. From here onward, Tobey Maguire was now a Hollywood Superstar. There were also the Spiderman II and III movies, plus many other Hollywood movie roles. Tobey Maguire had now become a very wealthy man, an enormous difference from his teenage years when he once lived on food stamps.

Tobey Switch to Veganism

Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Tobey had an aversion to Meat and Poultry, he said that he would start to imagine what he was eating, what kind of life the animal led and stuff like that, and in 1992 he officially became a vegetarian and by 2004, he became vegan. Although he still eats eggs and dairy when he needs to add weight for a movie role, he has banned all leather and animal related stuff from his house.

According to him, the smell of leather makes him sick, and he does not want it around him. Therefore, anybody coming to his house has to leave his shoes, belts and even handbags outside.

Tobey lifestyle as a Vegan

Although Tobey may not be considered a 100% vegan because he does eat eggs or dairy if his movie role requires him to add weight, he is still very well known as quite strictly vegan and an excellent animal friend. Women have been known to leave their handbags worth $4,000 in front of his house since they cannot come inside with the leather.

While shooting a movie in Australia, he was offered a Mercedes Benz to drive him around, but he sent it back because the seats were made of leather. And actress Natalie Portman, in 2008 credited Tobey with making her switch from vegetarianism to veganism. She had rehearsed for a role around him, and having noticed his lifestyle, she then took an interest in becoming vegan.

Tobey Maguire loves nuts and Tofu and adds them to just about any food, including pasta. He also loves broccoli and vegan pizza. He was voted the world?s sexiest vegetarian in 2002 by PETA, and though he breaks his diet from time to time, his love and respect for animals and his lifestyle may be considered to make him at least 90% vegan. Which some people may find to be way better than someone who is 0% vegan.

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