Lose Weight With Bootea and Vegan Diet

Many people want to lose weight and choose a vegan diet. However, many of you want fast results and buy weight lost products like Bootea. I have done both, so check my personal results.

A little while ago, I tried a Bootea detox, and I also promised to share the results with my friends. However, I wanted to be objective, so I took a little while to think it all through. Anyway, let me describe my experience for you.

Bootea Basics

Let’s start with the basics. The package arrived within few days, and the tea itself looks gorgeous and adorable. I don’t know if you are a fan of herb teas, but you will find the taste absolutely delicious if you are. To me, it felt like something between green tea – linden tree tea and dandelion tea. I really enjoyed drinking it. However, if you are not a huge fan of herb teas, you might find the taste a little bit funny, or even worse, in that case, you can always use a little bit of lemon or agave to change the flavor. I tried both these (lemon and agave), and both worked well, so don’t be afraid to experiment! However, you are trying to detox your body, so sugar is not your friend.

28 Day Bootea Detox

28 Day Bootea Detox

Bothering Laxative Effect

A lot of people are worried about the laxative effect. I can only talk about myself, but I think you don’t have to worry. In order to answer all the questions about this, let me start with the fact that it is not that bad. I’m pretty sure you will not spend hours and hours on the toilet. Also, it doesn’t hurt at all. You will not have cramps; you will not feel sick, you will not have a high temperature, neither you will vomit. It is not the flu or something. Consider it as cleaning your colon; the shower doesn’t hurt you either, right?

Bootea Results

And now to most expected – the results. Let me start with what it should do – detox your body. I can say that really worked for me. I felt amazingly light, my skin got clearer and brighter, and my mental condition got much better. Now what you expect it will do – losing weight. I will probably disappoint you, but in this area, it didn’t work much for me. This will really depend on your lifestyle before the teatox, I think. If you are not doing any physical activity and you are eating like a pig, then of course, if you do some changes, even for 14/28 days, the result will come! But for me, with vegan eating habits and running for a quiet while, the results just didn’t show up.. or at least I couldn’t see a more significant difference than usual (I still lost some cm, though I just think I would lose those anyway).

Bootea Detox

Bootea Detox

In the end, let me say I can recommend it. If you have money for buying it, do so. However if you don’t and you have to decide between buying this or running shoes, take the shoes. I hope I covered all the questions you had. If not, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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