Hollywood Super Star Joaquin Phoenix is Vegan

Famous Star Joaquin Phoenix

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Joaquin Phoenix, also known as Leaf Phoenix is a well-known actor, music video director, and artist. Known for starring in several highly acclaimed movies such as Gladiator and The Master, Phoenix is also famous for his quirky personality and unpredictable behavior during interviews. Among other roles, he is also known for his collaboration with PETA and raising awareness about animal rights.

Joaquim Phoenix become vegan at young age

Joaquin Phoenix turned to a vegan diet at a remarkably young age. Phoenix was only 3 years old when he, along with his siblings, decided to give up meat and products of animal origin forever following a family fishing trip. Horrified by the cruelty and barbarism which their parents displayed while catching and killing fish, all four children declared to their parents “We are never going to eat meat again!”. He was also angry with his parents for failing to tell him the truth about meat. Though his mother was visibly upset by this reaction, Phoenix kept his word and lived a strict vegan lifestyle.

Nowadays, Joaquin’s vegan diet includes mainly tofu but also lots of organic vegetables. According to him, he doesn’t even like “meat replacement” products. Instead, he eats vegetables. As he puts it, the importance of animal rights affects every aspect of his life. From the clothes and shoes he wears to the awareness he is creating not only in the filmmaking industry but also among his friends.

Phoenix is dedicated to promoting a cruelty-free, peaceful life which respects the rights of all creatures. He claims that although up until recently it felt weird being the only one to refuse fur clothing and meat, veganism is becoming more common these days, and it is easier for him to find vegan restaurants wherever he travels.

His vegan lifestyle also has a strong echo of his career. Along the years, he has worked on numerous films dedicated to the love of nature and equal treatment of all animals. He has voiced young hunter Kenai in the 2003 Disney animation Brother Bear, well known for its impact on the education of children on hunting and animal cruelty. Phoenix also narrated Nation Earth’s Earthlings (2005) and starred in several PETA campaigns aiming to stop the needless slaughter of turkeys for Thanksgiving as well as the harmful practices employed by the fishing industry.

Throughout his life, Joaquin Phoenix has proved that compassion and respect for nature and animals can be perfectly balanced with the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle. By keeping a promise made at an age as young as three, he also demonstrates that a decision taken at a point in life where feelings dominate the behavior can be kept on throughout adult life.

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