Importance of the Whole Food in Vegan Diet

You have probably heard the term “whole food” or “processed food.” What is the difference between these two and which you should implement into your daily diet is the purpose of this article. But first, we need to define both of the terms.

What is whole food?

Definition of the whole food is unprocessed food, the food that is not altered in any way or is slightly processed. For example, a smoothie from fruits, tofu, tempeh and other fermented foods. These foods are processed, but no other ingredients, additives, sugars have been added to the original food. In other words, the nutrition of the original food is not altered.

Now you are probably wondering what if you cook the food, is that then processed food? Well in the definition of the processing yes, that is processed food. But when we say to avoid processed food we are talking about the food that is processed in a way that combines various ingredients and each of this components is treated in its own way and many times in the process additives and other chemicals are added.

Real Natural Food

Real Food

Problems with Processed Food and Why to Avoid It

Processed food is bad for our health. You have heard this many times. Processed food is often so processed that the original food is lost in the process.

Here are top 10 worst processed foods that you most probably eat every day:

  1. White Flour Bread

Most popular bread on the planet and people just eat that crap food whole day long. There is also a bleached white flour bread, and that is just bonus poison for your body.

  1. Fruit Juice

You wouldn’t think that fruit juice can be in the number 2 position. But to tell you the truth most of the juices didn’t even see the fruit. They are made from corn syrup and artificial flavors. In other words, they can not be even considered food.

  1. Diet Sodas

Now, this drink is easy to understand that is not healthy. It is not food; it is water mixed with various chemicals, artificial colors, and sugars.

  1. Sugar-Packed Cereals

A few years ago everyone was recommending a healthy breakfast rich in oatmeals and cereals. But the industry turned this into a war zone and instead of offering a real food which you can eat they created fake cereals packed with sugars. And there is a reason behind that production; the reason is that kids love sugar and they just get hook on the unhealthy cereals. And when someone is addicted you can sell him unlimited amounts.

  1. Frozen Food

Yep, frozen food has climbed on the number 5 because the industry just wants profit. So instead of just freezing the food which is a fine and healthy way of keeping the food last longer they add sodium, trans fats, sugar and sometimes even some chemicals. You may be wondering if the main purpose of that is poisoning. Next time you are buying frozen stuff, read labels and if you see something else than the food you buy, dump it and never enter the store that is selling that shit.

  1. White Sugar

Maybe deserves the higher place, but people already recognize this devil and know that sugar should not be consumed in any way. Smart people avoid it, others are hook on it. Unless you have a wild power, you will hardly get yourself off the sugar. Its addiction is on the same level as the cocaine or maybe even worse.

  1. Fast Food

Next time you go to McDonald’s remember this: You are eating phthalates. It sounds terrible, and it is awful for your health. This nasty ingredient is found in plastic food. Fast food will take you on the road to quick death.

  1. Doritos, Cheetos and other Similar Snacks

These snacks are processed to the core, and not only this is processed food, but they also contain monosodium glutamate. This ingredient will make the food taste even better than it is tasting and by that, you will eat it more and even get addicted to it. You ever wonder why people get addicted to food, well here is your answer. They are selling you drugs, and you buy them.

  1. Hot Dogs

It will be a lie if I say I didn’t eat Hot Dogs. I am not born vegan, and I have committed a crime to my body by eating lots of hot dogs. I should have known better. Hot dogs are packed with lots of nasty ingredients. The sausage itself is a dense processed food. And hot dogs are packed with corn syrup, sodium, sodium nitrate and other dangerous things that may take you to the grave pretty fast.

  1. Frozen Boxed Cakes

Why prepare a bake at home which is as well heavily processed food when you can go to the store and buy frozen one packed with trans fats, artificial flavors, and colors. This cake is a perfect gift for the birthday. And many times we eat this crap food on that kind of events which should promote life, happiness, but instead we share death and poison in our plates.

Junk Food

Processed Food

Vegan Diet on a Right Way

Even vegans have problems with health, that is not a lie. Many studies that research diets put vegans on top for some conditions. Reason for that is that vegans often overeat processed food and not enough whole foods. If you just get yourself on whole food diet, you will not have these addictive rushes to the processed food that’s why you need probiotics for constipation relief.

Instead of eating pasta, eat parboiled rice. Instead of bread consume potatoes. Instead of various vegan processed meat replacement foods eat beans, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. The whole food diet is natural, buy the original food and eat it. If something does not exist in nature, don’t eat it.

Only with whole food diet, you can keep your nutrition on a proper level. Your EPA and DHA will be at appropriate levels, and your brain will not shrink like many of the studies advocate. Your body when on real foods will keep the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 at the proper level, same as converting ALA to EPA and DHA at an adequate rate that your body requires. Vitamin B12 is needed to be supplemented, I highly recommend Doctor’s Best B12 Vitamin which has only a few ingredients, and none of them is harmful.

Vitamin B12

Doctor’s Best B12 Vitamin



A balanced diet is needed. You need to eat various food; we have heard that many times. But most of the time we listen to omnivores saying that and by saying that they are looking for an alibi to eat meat. Meat acts like a drug, like sugar, like cocaine. You just can’t get off it. Many people who try to stop eating meat return back to old habits and overeat. That are clear signs of addiction.

When I say be on a balanced diet, I am referring to stable plant, vegan diet. Diet rich in greens, fruits, nuts and other vegetables.

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