How to Properly Use Honey

Honey is very sweet. Because of that, many people use honey as a sweetener. They just exchange sugar for honey. And that is, in general, an excellent idea. Sugar is terrible for people. Many times sugar is called empty calorie food. Sugar is also dreadful for your teeth. It feeds bacteria in your mouth which will destroy your teeth. Sugar can also harm your liver. Because after some time, the liver will turn fructose into a fat. And in that process fat can be stored near the liver, and that will make your liver fat.

Sugar is bad for your health
Sugar can make you insulin resistance. And insulin resistance is the ground for many diseases. A disease like diabetes and obesity. Some scientists connected sugar with cancer. High level of insulin in the body can get you cancer. And if you eat lots of sugar you will have high insulin level in your body.

Sugar is also addictive. It releases high dosage of dopamine in a brain. And dopamine is one of the happy hormones. If your level of dopamine is low, you are more prone to addictions and more prone to sugar addiction. Try to raise your dopamine level in a healthy way. Raise it with regular daily exercise. By eating too much sugar, you can get heart disease. The reason for this is that sugar will increase cholesterol in your blood, and that is not good for the heart. Now that we said all wrong about sugar let talk about honey.

Uses of Honey

Honey is not refined sugar
Let not be mistaken honey is having an almost same dosage of fructose and glucose as sugar. More or less, depends on what type of honey you eat. But if you read some articles about how fructose is bad for your health, you would think that honey is bad. Honey is consumed by humans for many years. There are cave paintings of gathering honey 15 000 years old. That’s like 13 000 BC. Since then humans consume honey. So honey is not just glucose and fructose. We already write about health benefits of honey.

There are many health studies about honey. Scientist feeds rats with refined sugar and honey. Rats, which were eating sugar, had lower vitamin E, high LDL, and high triglycerides. While you would think that same will happen with honey, it did not. In fact, vitamin E remained same; honey did not raise triglycerides, and the most interesting point is about bad cholesterol (LDL).

LDL or so-called bad cholesterol was lowered in rats that were consuming honey. Also, HDL (good cholesterol) was higher. There are no insulin spikes when eating honey. A reason for this is that honey is preventing large dose of glucose entering the blood. And honey is the only sweetener with this ability. So we could say that even diabetics can take honey. But if you ask your doctor he would probably say it is a bad idea since honey contains glucose and fructose.

If you are healthy beegan, we recommend you to replace all your refined sugar intake with honey. And here are some tips how to properly take honey. Honey if heated lose some nutritional benefits. That is the reason many people use raw honey. Raw honey is not heated at packaging. All other beekeepers heat the honey for easier packaging. Honey bought in stores is most probably heated. So you need to be careful at consuming honey. You should not apply honey in heated coffee or tee. First let the coffee or tea get colder and then use honey.

Honey in cakes is bad. Most of the cakes are baked at high temperatures, and that high temperature will destroy most of the honey benefits. Some studies claim that honey loses benefits at 39 Celsius (102 Fahrenheit).

My suggestion is to use raw honey that is not heated and consume it raw. You can consume it on bread or in cold drinks.

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