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Ellen DeGeneres vegan

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People across the world are embracing the vegan lifestyle and Ellen DeGeneres is an example that many new-age vegans are following. As a talk show host, actor, comedian, producer, and animal rights activist Ellen has been able to reach out to people on many levels.

As an opinion leader, Ellen has been trying to create awareness about the benefits of veganism and the need for a less cruel world.

Ellen DeGeneres is Famous PETA Vegan

Ellen DeGeneres was PETA?s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) Woman of the Year for her effort to promote veganism.

Her website has an exclusive section dedicated to how people can become vegetarians and embrace a life without cruelty. The pro-vegan section of her website is an excellent source for people who want to adopt veganism.

It was in 1997 when Ellen first adopted a vegan diet but gave it up within six months later. Years later, a major turning point was when Ellen and her wife, Portia de Rossi, moved to a farm in California. Living in close quarters with animals made the pair reason how they, as ardent animal lovers, could eat meat or animal products. In 2008, Ellen DeGeneres completely gave up eating any form of meat or dairy products.

Giving up stakes and sausages, which were Ellen?s favourites, seemed to be a small price to pay to stay true to what she believed. The road to veganism was not an easy one, but it was worth the time and effort. It did take a lot of self-control and restraint to steer clear of temptations to say on this path. It took her nearly a year to transition to a wholly vegan diet by giving up product at a time. Hiring a private vegan chef Roberto Martin made this transition to veganism a lot simpler. And there has been no looking back from then.

One of the primary motives why people stay away from a vegan diet is because they miss the flavor of meat or dairy products. However, there are ways in which texture and flavour can be added to a vegan diet. The secret is to use the right ingredients. Vegan mayonnaise, cheese, butter, tofu, and beans are excellent substitutes that can be used which are made from almond and soy.

Ellen and her wife have contributed to celebrity chef Roberto Martin?s book Vegan Cooking for Carnivores sharing some of their favourite recipes.

Ellen DeGeneres has made a choice of becoming vegan but can you become a vegan to create a cruel free world?


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