Amazing Yassine Diboun Vegan Ultra, Marathon and Triathlon Runner

Yassine Diboun is one of the guys who turn the wrong path of life into a more meaningful. As a young child, he had a rough childhood. His parents divorced, and he went through lots of traumas. Maybe that was the reason why he started drinking alcohol when he was only 12 years old. Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there; he tried marijuana only five years later.

But that is not the end of his addiction, just a year later, he started using hard drugs, mainly cocaine. You can hear his addiction story in the video below. The biggest thing is that he turned his life around. From being an addict, he is now recognized as a runner. If you have addiction problems don’t hesitate to ask for help, talk to your family, they are first to help you. Yassine family helped him to go through his addiction problems, and they were and still are a big support to him.

Started Running

Diboun started running in 2006, but it is sober since 2004. In the video above, you can hear him talk about addiction being a river. The river that runs down but you need to go upstream, and every day is a risk of slipping on it. Running helps him maintain focus, and like he said it is a meditative spiritual aid that just keeps your mind clear. If you are a runner, you know what he’s talking about.

Since he turned pro in 2007, he completed over 78 marathons, ultra, and triathlon endurance events. He also got on a throne in 10 marathons. 100-mile races are no stranger to him; he completed 12 of them. And who would be the best USA representative in World Trail Championship than him? Together with the other 4 Americans, he won the silver medal. The championship was held in Annecy, France. Two years later he got back to France to compete in Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc where he took 89th place out of 1687 finishers. If that is not enough, then add three more finishes on the Western States. The Western States is one of the hardest endurance test one runner can take.

Yassine Diboun is Vegan

Yassine turned vegan in 2008 after his wife was reading about it. After educating himself about vegan food and why we don’t need animal products, he ultimately decided to become an animal-free athlete. Woody Harrelson’s Go Further documentary helped him make the final decision.

Today he says that he feels great, especially when he is running and at this point, there is no way going back to eating animals. You can also hear him saying about his vegan diet in a video below which was taken before Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc. A good deal of endurance, as well as martial arts athletes, are turning away from eating meat. The reasons are proven; many athletes have faster recovery time and more energy. If that is not the case, they will not turn to a vegan diet, especially athletes that are making a living in that way.

More About Yassine Diboun

He lives in Portland, Oregon where he also has a training camp Wy’east Wolfpack. Oregon is full of trails where he trains. Together with his wife Erica Wagner Diboun he has daughter Farah Diboun. You can also check Yassine Diboun on his personal website. If you want to follow his runs, you can do it on Strava.

Inov8 is sponsoring this great vegan athlete and I am also a proud owner of Inov8 trail running shoes.

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