43 Amazing Vegan Facts

If you are vegan, then enjoy and read these facts about not eating meat. And if you are not vegan yet, if the rest of the articles on beegans.com didn’t make you stop eating meat, I hope this one will.


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List of All Important Vegan Facts

  1. If you are on a vegan diet, you have many health benefits that you are not aware of.
  2. Donald Watson is the father of modern veganism. He created a word vegan. He is a founder of Vegan Society.
  3. By being on a vegan diet, you can eliminate chances of many chronic diseases. And this is the fact even if you have genes for them. In other words, if you have genes for cancer, then being on a vegan diet can neutralize that chances.
  4. Plant-based, vegan diet is good for metabolism. It makes your body to burn calories faster than people who are on a usual diet.
  5. 2.5% of people in the US are vegans. That’s approximately 8 million people.
  6. If we stop feeding livestock, we could use that food to feed 1.5 billion people.
  7. On the proper vegan diet, you will hardly get obese. And even if you are already obese, by switching to the vegan diet you can also control your obesity.
  8. Veganism is an anagram. Play with the words and you can get Saving Me!
  9. 150 000 000 000 animals are killed every year for meat. Can you even read the number?
  10. The human body is capable of digesting anything, including meat. But our teeth are meant for grinding, and that means we have a mouth of a herbivore.
  11. The secret of healthy vegan life is in less consumption of animal hormones and saturated fat.
  12. For one pound of wheat, you only need 25 gallons of water. For one pound of meat, you need 2,500 gallons.
  13. A vegan diet is ideal for anti-aging. If you combine healthy vegan diet with regular exercise, low fat intake and avoidance of chemicals you got yourself a forever young formula.
  14. Over half million people in the United Kingdom are vegans.
  15. If you wish to live longer, go vegan!
  16. Since 2012 there is a meatless Monday in Los Angeles.
  17. Vegan in Las Vegas is Las Vegan.
  18. Proteins from beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, peanut are more healthier than the animal protein which is linked to cancer.
  19. Every hour in the United States 500 000 animals are slaughtered for the meat.
  20. By being on a vegan diet, you can control diabetes.
  21. Many vegan celebrities have dropped meat for good.
  22. Up to 80% of food poisoning is because of animal products: meat, eggs, and milk.
  23. You don’t need milk for healthy bones, in fact, milk will make your bones weak.
  24. People on a plant-based diet are happier and have less stress.
  25. Meat eaters eat up to 222 pounds of meat per year.
  26. Vegans get calcium from kale, broccoli, cabbage, and collards.
  27. Antibiotics given to animals is more than six times larger than it is given to the people. Livestock gets almost 18 million pounds of antibiotics per year. That is a real source for super bacteria.
  28. Scientist predicts that world will go vegan until 2050. Meat production will be dead by then because it can’t be sustainable for a long time.
  29. Livestock in U.S. produces 250 000 pounds of excrement per second while population produces only 12 000 pounds per second.
  30. With a vegan diet, you can turn on good genes and turn off bad genes for cancer and disease. Proved by Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn.
  31. By going vegan, you help forest. The meat industry is destroying the forest for factory farming.
  32. Vegans have a higher libido.
  33. 70% of the world vegetarians are from India.
  34. Vegans have healthy arteries and because of that their skin glow!
  35. Higher IQ people are more likely to turn to a vegan diet.
  36. Vegetarian and vegan diets are healthier according to the American Dietetic Association. People on these diets have lower blood pressure, lower body mass indices, lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease, lower rates of hypertension, lower blood cholesterol levels, and less prostate and colon cancer.
  37. Soy, hemp seed, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, lupin bean and chia seed are vegetables with all eight essential amino acids.
  38. Christian values, mercy, and compassion indicate that Christians should be on a vegetarian diet that is not promoting cruelty.
  39. The United Kingdom is the vegetarian diet leader in Europe.
  40. Benjamin Franklin introduced tofu to America back in 1770.
  41. Leonardo da Vinci was first Renaissance figure that promoted a vegetarian diet. Other influential figures of that time did not follow. Maybe Leonardo da Vinci was after all on another level even then in that time.
  42. If you eat meat, you have higher chance to develop gallstones. If you switch to a vegan diet that chances are lowered by 2.5.
  43. Word vegan is made from word vegetarian. It takes first three letters and last two from the word vegetarian. The first use of this word is recorded back in 1944 by Donald Watson and Elsie Shrigley.

These are many facts from many different parts of the world. If these points don’t make you think about switching your diet, if this doesn’t make you start thinking and for once start doing something for yourself as merely changing a cruelty-free life by not promoting factory farming then I am afraid you will never become vegan.

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